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CommBox Interactive S4

CommBox Interactive S4

The CommBox Classic S4 is the most user-friendly, powerful, and customisable screen ever made by CommBox. It uses the latest Android platform and advanced touch technology to provide an exceptional interactive experience. Innovation shines when top minds unite to meet the needs of teachers and business people today.

The CommBox Classic S4 is designed for learning and collaboration.

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Size Matters: Introducing the new S4 available in various sizes: 55", 65", 75", and 86".

Leverage Windows: CommBox OS powered by Android 11 offers seamless integration with Windows 10 and 11 through the Intel standard OPS slot.

Multi-Touch: Engage multiple users with 20 points of touch, enhancing collaborative experiences.

Wireless Screen Sharing: Effortlessly share screens with built-in CommBox Connect powered by Eshare, supporting Airplay and Chromecast.

Chromium Browser: Enjoy full access to the Chromium Browser and Android App Store for versatile functionality.

Toolbox: Access a comprehensive suite of overlay tools, including posters, planners, spinners, class rewards, and more.

Premium Screen Sharing Application: Screen-sharing protocols such as Miracast with Touch, Airplay, and Chromecast, along with advanced features like broadcast and file sharing.

Introducing CommBox OS Powered by Android 11: Customize your home screen, wallpapers, and sidebar with your preferred apps, links, or devices for a personalized experience.

Powerful and Easy Collaboration: Foster impromptu collaboration moments, ideation sessions, and video calls with CommBox, making it the ideal tool for hybrid working environments.