Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards, also known as interactive displays, are large touch screen displays where employees and students can collaborate in real time. They are quickly becoming a popular tool in office and school settings. The ability to shift between project topics, edit presentations and data improves productivity and efficiency. Interactive displays make meetings easier and more engaging, increasing the attention span of employees and creating a space where everyone can be involved.

They also allow users to visually ideate and explain complex concepts, all of which leads to better information retention and innovation. This technology often takes little effort to set up and pairs perfectly with popular video conferencing programs, making it a seamless addition.

Interactive whiteboards are also an excellent tool for teachers to improve classroom education. They enhance learning experiences, increase collaboration, boost student participation and performance, and save time and money. They provide visual aids, interactive tools, and allow multiple students to work together, making learning immersive, memorable, and captivating.

  • Windows Collaboration Display

    The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp is a next generation 4K 70” interactive display. This stunning screen display enables teams to use their spaces more efficiently, and creates more productive collaboration in meetings, boardrooms, training rooms, technical reviews and virtually anywhere else you like to do it.

  • PNL752B

    Looking for a smart interactive display for your office or classroom? Meet the all in one Sharp PN-L752B, a touchscreen LCD monitor that makes all your visual communications more lively and productive.

  • CommBox Classic S4

    The all-new Classic screen is where ideas are made. With an incredibly intuitive OS, customisable home screen, and new clever tools and apps, the Classic S4 sets a new benchmark for interactive screens. The classic has been built with premium hardware components that have already proven to be durable and long lasting, the toughest on the market.

Sharp PNL2B 4K Touch Range

CommBox Classic S4 for Business