Sharp’s world-wide leadership in technology innovations; especially in LCD and Solar, ensures Sharp is at the forefront of the pack. Today, Sharp products are sold in 140 countries. There are 27 manufacturing operations, 29 sales companies and 2 representative offices in 26 countries.

Sharp Corporation is dedicated to two principal ideals: "Sincerity and Creativity".
By committing ourselves to these ideals, we can derive genuine satisfaction from our work, while making a meaningful contribution to society.

Bringing Japanese ingenuity to
Kiwi homes and businesses

Although Sharp's global creed is "Sincerity and Creativity", Sharp New Zealand has its own set of values that were formed through working as a team to understand what truly matters to us and our customers.
Sharp NZ have have made four promises: care wholeheartedly, collaborate deliberately, innovate disruptively and be a trusted brand.

Sharp copiers are known for their high-quality, efficient and user-friendly design. A leading brand in the world of office equipment, Sharp offers a wide range of digital copiers that are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. From small offices to large corporations, Sharp copiers provide reliable and efficient solutions that help streamline operations and improve productivity.

Sharp copiers are equipped with advanced features such as automatic document feeders, double-sided printing, high-speed printing and scanning, and advanced security features. These features make it easier for businesses to manage large volumes of documents and ensure that their sensitive information remains protected. Additionally, Sharp copiers are known for their energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly choice.

Sharp copiers are easy to use, with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls. This means that employees can get up and running quickly and easily, without the need for extensive
training. Additionally, Sharp copiers are backed by a robust support network, so businesses can be sure that they will receive the help they need should any issues arise.

new colour a3 mfp


The new Sharp BP70C45 is the newest addition to Sharp's multifunction printer range. 45 page per minute full colour printing, in sizes up to A3. The new Atlas range comes in a futuristic grey finish, and will stand out in any office environment and provide superior print quality and exceptional ease of use.

  • A3 Copiers

    Learn about Sharp's outstanding A3 multifunction features designed to help increase productivity, cost efficiency, and security. Keeping you connected anytime and anywhere, making collaboration smoother.

    Our A3 range 
  • A4 Printers and multifunction

    A4 printers and MF devices provide a compact and versatile solution for small and large businesses, offering space efficiency. Wherever you place it, you'll enjoy solid performance and a smooth workflow.

    Our A4 range 
  • Screens

    Add impact to your business to engage, inform, and influence your audience. Delivering eye catching detail at every scale, with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a high bright screen.

    Our visual solutions 

Sharp's Future Workplace MFP