A3 Multifuction Copiers

An A3 Multifunction copier is likely going to suit the needs of several employees throughout the day. If you’re expecting the machine to be used for high-volume printing, an A3 copier may be the best option. Since they are larger, A3 copiers also more durable machines, made to last and spec to print a higher volume over their lifetime.  We have both colour and black and white options available for whatever your needs may be.

We also have second hand models avaliable, please get in touch or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page to find out more!

  • Sharp BP70C31

    The new BP-70C31 A3 colour MFP is a secure print solution for the future workplace. It delivers effortless connectivity, security and sustainability whilst offering superior functionality to facilitate hybrid working. The newest addition to Sharp's MFP range, 31 page per minute full colour printing in sizes up to A3.

  • Sharp BP50C31

    The new Sharp BP50C31 is the newest addition to Sharp's MFP range. 31 page per minute full colour printing in sizes up to A3. The new Titan range comes in a futuristic grey finish, and will stand out in any office environment and provide superior print quality and exceptional ease of use.

  • Sharp BP30C25

    The BP30C25 is packed with carefully considered features to help organizations create, manage and share documents to multiple sources it features one of the smallest designs for an A3 capable copier on the market. The intuitive colour 7.0 inch display and user interface is designed to give you easy control and user ability.

  • Sharp BP70C45

    This copier option provides 45 page per minute full colour printing in sizes up to A3. With a 10.1 inch full flat touchscreen, a variety of functions are accessible via simple, intuitive icons.

  • Sharp BP70C65

    This MFP delivers a fast output of 65 ppm. If toner runs out during a print job, it continues printing your documents while you change the toner cartridge. Your productivity won’t miss a beat.

  • Sharp MXM3051

    The Sharp MX-M3051 Essentials Series monochrome document systems are built using reliable technology, making them able to deliver the performance, features and reliability needed in today’s busy workplace environments.

  • BP50C26

    Designed to fit today’s diverse workstyles, the new BP50 series of color document systems enable workers to collaborate and share information seamlessly and securely throughout their office environment.

  • BP70M65

    The new Sharp BP70M65 is the newest addition to Sharp's MFP range. 65 page per minute mono printing in sizes up to A3. Designed to fit today’s diverse workstyles, the new BP70 series enable workers to collaborate and share information seamlessly and securely.

  • MX3071 - Second Hand

    We have available fully serviced second hand copier options. They have been fully serviced and come with a total service guarantee. Conditions apply. Enquire now

  • Epson WF-C879

    The Epson WF-C879RTC workgroup printer enables offices to benefit from the increased productivity that requires minimal intervention, while providing predictable print costs. The WF-C879RTC uses up to 87 percent less power than competitive colour lasers thanks to its no heat technology. An improved quiet print mode and no fan noise during or after printing make it ideal for the working environment.

  • Epson AM-C4000

    The WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 combines fast performance with low
    energy consumption. Made with the modern office in mind, the small footprint and modular design allow you to build your device to your exact requirements. And as if that wasn't enough, the innovative technology makes installation and maintenance easy and stress free

  • Epson AM-C6000

    With a compact design, this more sustainable MFD offers the perfect solution for all your business printing needs.

Key factors to consider when choosing A3

Capacity and speed

Consider the printing speed and paper capacity of the photocopier, as well as the monthly duty cycle. Ensure that it can handle the volume of printing required for your business.


Look for features like automatic duplexing, stapling, collating, and scanning, which can save time and increase productivity.


Consider how you'll connect the photocopier to your devices, whether it's through USB, Ethernet, or wireless. Ensure it is compatible with your existing network and devices.

Print quality

Look for a photocopier with high resolution printing capabilities and advanced image processing technologies to ensure the best possible print quality.


Consider the upfront cost of the photocopier, as well as ongoing maintenance costs, such as replacement parts and ink or toner cartridges. Also, check the energy efficiency of the photocopier to reduce electricity bills.

Brand reputation

Choose a photocopier from a reputable brand with good customer support and reliable after-sales service to ensure that any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.